organisation of the department
Welcome to the website of the Department of Plant Production. The department is hosted at the faculty of Bio-engineering at the University of Ghent. We aim to contribute to the improvement of production and reproduction of crops and agricultural important plant species to the benefit of the society at large. There are four units active within the department, that embrace different agriculturaly important research area's: in vitro biology, horticulture, plant breeding, sustainable crop production, weed science, botanical diversity and ethnobotany.

In vitro biology and horticulture focuses on technology that enables the efficient clonal propagation of a variety of plants including woody, ornamental and medicinal species. The agronomic important traits of these plants are evaluated. Plants with novel or improved properties are selected after hybridisation or obtained through genetic engineering.

The plant breeding research focuses on the improvement of germplasm and the development of new varieties of some major crops and some orphan crops. We consider plant breeding as an important tool to underpin sustainable crop production systems.

The unit weed science covers topics as the biology and control of important weeds, the development of resistance to herbicides and resistance management.

The tropical and subtropical agriculture, and ethnobotany section focuses on crop production in the south, whereas ethnobotany documents plant use sensu lato, and is also working on new crop development through domestication and breeding.
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